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Preparing -- Preparing to be a student reporter for the World-Wide Day in Science? Want a tip? Use previous Day in Science stories as models for what your submission should contain. Also, search the web and your school, university, or local library to find guidelines on science journalism or journalism, in general. A few key insights will help tremendously.

Personality Test -- To enable our student readers to find your story, be sure to get your science based professional to take our "personality test." So, register as a student reporter, go to the story submission page, and then print out the five multiple choice questions.

Register as a Student Reporter -- Click here -- Register. Once registered, you can return to this site to submit your story, edit it, add images, or submit additional stories.

Submit a Story -- Have a great write up from shadowing or interviewing? Then you are ready to submit to the World-Wide Day in Science website. If you are already registered as a student reporter (see above), then just login below.

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