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Keyword Search:
I would prefer the experience of
Traveling through the jungle with a documentary film crew
Having dinner with a Nobel Prize Winner
Acting in a movie or performing music or dance with a top artist
Discussing a new computer game or clothing with its designer
Practicing with my favourite sports team
What I hope to do in the future is to
Solve problems and make unique discoveries
Work with others and contribute to society
Provide leadership and achieve great things
Express myself, take risks, and have new experiences
Who knows? I have no thoughts of the future
The question that puzzles me the most is
What enables lizards to crawl up the wall and across the ceiling
Why my younger sister/brother/cousin has to be so annoying
What my life will be like in twenty years' time
Whether there are intelligent beings on other planets
Whether world peace is possible
What is most important to me are:
Relationships with family, friends and others.
Personal wealth and recognition
The growth and advance of my country or region
My spiritual beliefs and values
Having a good time today
For dessert I prefer
Chocolate Ice Cream
Mango Sorbet (icy and fruit flavoured)
Cheese Cake
A family favourite, e.g. apple pie or date pudding
Fruit salad

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