Frequently Asked Questions

Send us your questions. We will put the Q & A here.


 1.  "What are those symbols in the menu above the box where I put my text?"

    The ones at the top right are clever.  The "g" symbol links the word that you highlight to a Google Images search on that topic. 

    The "chain" provides a link to any web page that you select.  The "broken chain" removes that link.


 2.  "I pasted in the text that I wrote, but the web site did not seem to accept it.  The text field just came out blank, no story!"

     My apologies.  This site sometimes fails to accept text.  

     Make sure that the text is not formatted before you try pasting it in -- no boldface type, no changes in font size, etc.  Do that formatting AFTER pasting in the text.  

     Still problems?  Try submitting from another computer.  

     Please e-mail us the text (and your name), and we can enter your story from this end.  

     Let us know what browser you used (e.g., Internet Explorer) and what operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac OS10, Linux).  With this background information, we can debug the problem.   

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