Stories around the globe

Spain 2008 -- Students in the masters degree program in science communication at Pompeu Fabra University participated. They prepared the following videos on research occurring on the Day in Scien ce:

1. Tobacco  

2. Air Pollution  

3. Cockroaches  

4. Anthropology  

5. Marine Geology  


Uruguay 2008 -- Students at the University of the Republic of Uruguay produce the most visually appealing Day in Science website each year.  See their range of stories this year, from neonatal care to Antarctic research. The stories are in Spanish, but you can paste the text into a web-based translation program, like 'Babelfish'.  


Australia 2008 -- Once again, undergraduates at the University of New South Wales in Sydney prepared dozens of stories. The Advanced Science students created an entire website from scratch, reported, edited, etc.

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